Fairy Tale Week

Flying our parachutes! Challenge: Help Jack get down the beanstalk quickly!

Working as a team

Build a sturdy base!

Building the tallest house (inspired by the 3 little pigs!)


Today in Science we studied rainbows.  We read a passage and learned that rainbows are actually full circles but we usually can only see half of them.  We watched a cool video shot from a hang glider showing us a true full circle rainbow.  Finally, we made our own rainbows with Skittles and water…so cool!

Mrs. Zlaket even pulled out her special lights to show us when all the lights in the spectrum are combined, it makes a white light!! Wow!

Read to a Dog

Today we were lucky enough to have Augy’s dog, Max, come to class.  Max is a therapy dog who visits hospitals and schools. He and his mom came today to tell us what he does and let us all read to him to celebrate our Love of Reading week.  Thank you Max and Stacy for coming to visit us!

Mardi Gras!!

We had a terrific Mardi Gras!  We had a delicious pancake lunch with entertainment from the Tucson High Steel Drum Band and at the end of the day we had a very special treat from Breanne Tirrito. She brought us King Cake from her home state of Louisiana and shared her traditions of Mardi Gras with us. With beads and crowns, we had a true celebration!!  Thanks, Breanne!!!