Country Parade-Friday 5/11

Don’t forget that this week is our parade–on Friday, May 11th, from 1:45-2:45.  Your child is welcome to dress in clothes that reflect their country, (but definitely don’t have to.)  If they need to change, bring the extra clothes and we will help them change when we get back from the library on Friday afternoon. Please be sure to read the email sent out this weekend for details on the float/food. We look forward to seeing you!

Field Trip Fun

We had tons of fun visiting the symphony last week! Special thanks to Mrs. Faltico for making arrangements for us to go!

Just a reminder that Wednesday is a half day, and we are just 10 days away from our Country Project Feast & Parade!  Please plan to join us.

Happy Earth Day!

Special thanks to Erick’s mom, who came to help make our side of the campus even more beautiful.  Planting flowers and veggies was the perfect way to prepare for Earth Day.  We are looking forward to focusing on more ways to celebrate this week!

Field Trip Fun!!

 Some of the beautiful sightings at the Botanical Gardens! 😉  Many thanks to all of our drivers.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Field Trip Wednesday

This Wednesday is our field trip to the Botanical Gardens.  We plan to leave at 9:30; and will enjoy lunch in the gardens, returning at around 12:45.  Don’t forget that first graders need to wear red shirts/khaki bottoms and need to bring a sack lunch/water bottle as we’ll eat our lunch in the gardens.  We can’t wait to see the beautiful flowers/butterflies!

A Fairy Tale Week

We ended our week of fairy tales by building fairy houses out in the park. The kids had so much fun being creative and free and our hope is that any future park-goers are delighted to discover our creations.
Have a magical weekend.

Happy Easter!

Yep! We loved our Easter Egg Hunt!  Wishing you a Happy Easter and lots of time to enjoy your families!  See you on Tuesday–gets lots of rest and eat a good breakfast–it’s standardized testing week! :0)