Apple Day!

We sure had fun enjoying a first grade tradition, Apple Day!  Big thanks to all the parents who were able to help us run the stations.  We appreciate you! 🙂

1st Grade Rocks (literally!)

Yes, we’re enjoying this rock unit in class a whole lot!  We are acting like scientists and using our senses to learn about all different types of rocks.  This is what our classroom looked like on Friday afternoon!  We are examining these rocks in order to describe them and classify them (sedimentary? igneous? metamorphic?) And, using what we know to give evidence of why we chose that type!  Yep, we’re rockin’ it!

And they’re off…

Yes! All of the Flat Stanleys have been mailed out and are sure to bring us back lots of great stories, pictures and information!  We can hardly wait until we see them again! :0)

Cloud Science

Today we read Little Cloud to kick of our unit on author, Eric Carle.  We decided to add a little “Cloud in a jar” science to go along with it.  It’s all about hands-on learning in first grade…

Fun Friday!

The half day Friday schedule gave us a chance to have some fun exploring volcanoes (it was the perfect tie in to last week’s My mouth is a volcano book!)  Big thanks to Ethan and Evan for sharing their kit, and encouraging us to stay curious!


We had tons of fun hanging out with our 3rd grade buddies and working on a collaborative project which involved writing about something we are proud of; and creating a 32 piece poster and stars for a shared display.  Great work! :0)


Today we read a book called, My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook. In the story, the main character has a hard time not inturrupting when others are talking. We talked about how frustrating it can be to be interrupted and how hard it can be to not let your words become a volcano.
We continued the theme in our Science time by making “volcanoes” from Mentos candies and Diet Coke. We had great fun watching them erupt. We discussed how it would be impossible to put the Diet Coke back into the bottle in the same way that it is impossible to take back your words once you have intrrupted someone.

Click on the link below to see a quick video


Word of the day: invisible

Today we read a book called Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig. It is a sweet story about a boy who feels invisible at school until his friends start including him in activities. We talked and wrote about what it’s like to feel invisible and ways we could include others so they wouldn’t feel invisible.
In first grade we love a good theme, so we decided to try and make invisible ink in science! We used baking soda and water as our invisible ink and turmeric and rubbing alcohol as the reveal. They came out so much cooler than we expected.

First day- Hooray!!!

We had a great first day in first grade! We read a book about having the “jitters” on the first day of school and then made “jitter juice” to calm our jitters… it was delicious. We also went into the Smith Center and played some games that required teamwork. We learned that first grade is already fantastic at teamwork. It was a wonderful start to what promises to be a great year 🙂

Happy Weekend!