Love of Reading Week

Love of Reading Week was a smash success, starting with a visit from Wilma Wildcat at all school chapel! We heard a story read by Ms. Hart and we were off and running!  We also got to read the story, Mix it Up which is all about color mixing and helped us remember the primary and secondary colors.  Next, we started reading some fun stories for St. Patrick’s Day, and made our rainbows/leprechauns/pots of gold that you see out on the line.  These are perfect along with our writing about what we’d do if we “found a pot of gold…”

In Math, we were busy working on time.  This has been a challenging chapter in the sense that we are all pretty good at telling time, but vocabulary like quarter til, and half past, along with a bit of elapsed time has us a bit challenged.  As a result, we will spend the next week reviewing these concepts a bit more before we head to measurement in our next chapter.

It was tons of fun to head to the book fair, as well.  Thanks to all who were able to go out and buy books.  We appreciate the support of our school, and our classrooms.  We hope you got some great books to add to your library!  And BIG thanks to all of our kiddos for treating Bailey with such gentle care while she visited school for Love of Reading week.  She had a great time, (and slept very well!) after all the love she received that day.

This week we’ll be enjoying the work of Mo Willems, one of our favorite authors.  We’ll be reading about the pigeon, of course, as well as Elephant & Piggie and our friend Knuffle Bunny! Watch for some great comprehension work, as well as some super cute art and writing about something special to us.

Enjoy the beautiful (Spring!) weather.

Upcoming events: Wed. 4/3-Field Trip to Tucson Village Farms (drivers wanted!); Fri. 4/5-Country Parade; Wed, 4/17-Easter Egg Hunt; Thur-Mon. 4/18-4/22-No School Easter Break; Fri, 5/17-Art Expo


We love reading and we love Dr. Seuss!

Big thanks to everyone for your support this week with the variety of illnesses that made their way into the first grade community–from strep to flu to fever, we got hit hard!  Hopefully the weekend will have given everyone a chance to mend, and we’ll be back and ready for Book Fair Week!   We have some exciting extra events this week–This Thursday is pajama day.  Kids can wear their pj’s all day!  Friday is relaxed dress–St. Patrick’s style, so get your green on!  Of course, the book fair is happening all week-Tues-Fri. with extended before and after school hours, too.  Please stop by. (**And if you have time this week, Mrs. Huerta-Rojas is still looking for volunteers to help work at the Book Fair.  Email her @ if you’ve available!)

We read tons of Dr. Seuss books this week including a kick off with Yertle the Turtle (which led to the “turtle stacking challenge” you see in the pictures!) :0) We also read, Horton Hears a Who, and wrote about our “hero.”  We read Green Eggs and Ham and wrote about something we don’t like to eat.  And, we read about Sneetches, and did some opinion writing on whether it would be better to be star-bellied, or plain-bellied.  Big week for writing in first grade!

In Math, we are working our way through the chapter on time.  Our kiddos seem to be doing fairly well, although vocabulary like “quarter till” and “half past” had us a little stumped.  We’ll keep working on it through this week.

Next week, it’s LOVE of READING and St. Patrick’s Day in the same week! We’ll be reading stories about rainbows and colors, stories about leprechauns, and enjoying the book fair.  Please remember that there’s an event for you, too.  Dr. Larry Lincoln will be in the gym at St. Michael’s on Tuesday at 5pm to present and share his book, Reclaiming Banished Voices.  Aftercare is available until 6:30. Please join us.

Here’s to a healthy and happy week!

Upcoming events:  Mon-Fri, 3/11-3/15-Love of Reading Week, Tues. 3/12-Dr. Larry Lincoln presents in the gym at St. Michael’s; Wed. 4/3-Field Trip to Tucson Village Farms (drivers wanted!); Wed, 4/17-Easter Egg Hunt; Thur-Mon. 4/18-4/22-No School Easter Break; Fri, 5/17-Art Expo

Last week in first grade…

Playing battleship with spelling words!


It was all about maps!  We kicked off the week by reading, “Me on the Map,” and began to make our books showing us, our city, our state, our country, etc.  This will be an excellent reference for us as we move toward our end of year country project!  We also read some stories about how to make maps–of our rooms, our homes, and our neighborhoods.  This gave us some important vocabulary like compass rose, and map key.  We even got to see a “Brain Pop!” video on making maps.  From there we went straight to some of our favorite map readers–pirates!  We read some cute pirate stories and that lead us to making our own maps as you can see in the photos! We hid gold coins for our friends to find using maps we drew! (We learned quickly that being a cartographer is hard work!)

In Math, we finished up the chapter on graphing and those of us who were here took the chapter test on Friday (we had 6 kiddos out on Friday with fevers!) Next up is telling time.  We think this chapter will be pretty easy for our kiddos–but you can help, too.  Kids now don’t always have the opportunity to use analog clocks.  So, if all your clocks at home are digital, why not consider getting your little one a watch (with hands, of course!) It’s a great way to practice! :0)

Next week, it’s all about Dr. Seuss as we prepare for Love of Reading Week! We’ll be reading the Sneetches, Yertle the Turtle, and many other favorites as we celebrate this amazing author and his incredible books! Please check the dates below to see what’s coming up in the months ahead.  We look forward to sharing all the great news about your child’s growth this week in conferences!  Happy March!

Upcoming events:  Mon-Fri, 3/4-3/8-Conference Week; Tues. 3/5-Mardi Gras-Free Pancake Lunch; Wed. 3/6-Ash Wednesday (no ashes for students); Mon-Fri, 3/11-3/15-Love of Reading Week, Tues. 3/12-Dr. Larry Lincoln presents in the gym at St. Michael’s; Wed. 4/3-Field Trip to Tucson Village Farms (drivers wanted!); Wed, 4/17-Easter Egg Hunt; Thur-Mon. 4/18-4/22-No School Easter Break; Fri, 5/17-Art Expo

Two important dates to add to your calendar:

Dr. Larry Lincoln will be here Tuesday, March 12th from 5-6:30 sharing his insights into how to lead a more compassionate life.  His book is tremendous.  Please join us if you are able (childcare available that night until 6:30 pm.)

Our field trip to Tucson Village Farms has been rescheduled to Wednesday, April 3rd.  Please plan to drive (again?!) if you are able.

Conference Week is coming…

Be on the lookout for a sign up sheet, or sign up genius to reserve your space for a parent/teacher conference.  We look forward to sharing news about all the growth we’ve shared with your kiddo this year.

We LoVe the CaTs!

Big thanks to the Illes family for helping us show how much we LOVE the Wildcats! And, don’t forget to share some love with your friends this week–Valentines are due on Tuesday for our exchange Thursday! Sweet!

Science – Inventors Project

February 4, 2019


Dear 1st grade families,

We have been working on our projects in class and learning how the inventor came up with their idea, what obstacles they had to overcome as well as how their invention is in use today.

I’m hoping they will start a conversation with you about what they’re learning and ask questions.  The first graders will be presenting their project to STEM Night attendees on Friday, February 8 from 5:30pm – 5:50pm.   It would be fun if your child could dress like their inventor, and if you have any props to bring, that would be most welcome.    The students worked in groups of 3, ask your student who they researched and I will also be sending a note home with which inventor your child researched.  


Thank you for your support!


Mrs. Lisa Jamison

Lower School Science Teacher

100 days smarter!

As of Friday, we’ll all be 100 days smarter! :0) Please be on the lookout for a special snack sign up–First grade tradition is to have a snack which includes 100 items (10 each of 10 different things.) . We have a fun day planned which includes 100th day writing activities, counting activities and our Dragons Love Tacos show!  We can hardly wait!

Math-a-thon ends Friday

Thanks for your support of our Math-a-thon which provides funds for new water filling stations as well as updates in security.  A quick reminder that funds for the drive are due Friday, January 25th.  We appreciate you!