Math-a-thon is coming…

Testing for the math-a-thon is tomorrow!  This is a relatively easy math assessment that we will give to our kiddos as part of the math-a-thon fundraiser which kicked off last Monday.  In case you didn’t know, the funds raised from this go towards buying new water bottle refilling stations that will be located in our courtyard near the 2nd/3rd grade classrooms, near the lunch room, and in the other courtyards on campus as well.  Any extra funds will be used for improved security.  We appreciate your support of the drive and of our school!

P.S. Be sure to click over to a peek at our week to see some fun photos and a funny slow-motion video of us having fun with snow!

New Conference Information

This year lower school (grades K-3) will be conducting most parent teacher conferences beginning March 1st. In previous years lower school aligned their conferences with intermediate and middle school grades (4-8) in January. Parent suggestions and teacher feedback prompted this change. Report cards will be handed out during these March conferences as we will have just completed our 2nd trimester. We look for these later conferences to provide students with ample time to make improvements and strengthen their skill set from the previous progress report, and assist in setting specific goals for the third and final trimester. Look for conference sign ups in February. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of us or Ms. Hart. We are really looking forward to talking with you about your child’s amazing achievements!!

Happy New Year!

Thank you all for making the first part of our year so wonderful!  Wishing you a wonderful 2019; full of blessings, joy, and love.  Thank you for being part of our St. Michael’s first grade family!

Busy Week in 1st Grade!

Wednesday is our presentation of the Christmas Story: 2:00 p.m. in the church

Thursday is Grinch Day in first grade–wear your green tie-dye shirt from St. Nicholas Day!

Friday is Pajama Day, and our Christmas party.  Wear your pj’s all day at school, and we’ll enjoy movies and treats after lunch!

St. Nicholas is coming…

This Friday is our St. Nicholas Day holiday Musical.  We hope you’ll join us in the gym at 2:00. (And we’re sure hoping St. Nick leaves us a sweet surprise when we leave our shoes out on the bench before the show!)  See you soon!

The Wampanoags were here…

We hope you loved seeing our Wampanoag Village as much as we loved creating it for you.  Now, it’s time to mark your calendars…

Please join us on Friday, December 7th at 2:00 p.m. in the gym for the St. Nicholas program


Wednesday, December 19th at 2:00p.m. in the St. Michael’s Church for the First Grade Christmas Program.

We are excited to share the holiday season with all of you!

Come see our great work!

The first graders have been hard at work on the Wampanoag Village for the past two weeks.  Please stop by and see it outside our classrooms this week.  Also, take a look at our lists of people/things for which we are thankful.  AND…take a look in our classrooms at the turkeys in disguise!  SO FUN! Happy Thanksgiving!

Canned Food Drive ends Friday!

Hey first grade families!  Just a quick reminder that our canned food drive ends this Friday, November 16th.  We are still looking for staples such as canned vegetables/fruit/meat or non-perishable boxed food items that can be used to support our St. Michael’s Food Pantry and the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank. If you don’t have time to head to the store or would prefer to write a check, please make those payable to Souther Arizona Community Food Bank and know that they can provide up to 4 meals for every dollar donated.  Incredible! We are blown away by the generosity of our families already.  Thank you for your generosity, and for making a difference in our community!

Field Day is coming…

Field Day is this Friday!

Please make sure your kiddo has their tennis shoes, a water bottle, and is wearing sunscreen.  We’ll be enjoying the morning in the park, and having tons of fun with teams from all grades.  We can hardly wait!

(*A reminder that students are dismissed at noon on Friday after Field Day!)