Hurray for Pumpkin Day!

We had a really great week in first grade with lots of pumpkin activities and books and fun!

We kicked off the week by reading, Spookley, about a little pumpkin who was “different” but found out that he was special, too. We also did a little work with story elements.  We also read, The Runaway Pumpkin, and did some fun word work with blends, and ABC order. We also loved hearing one of Mrs. Moseley’s favorites, a timeless story about a tiny little witch who makes a special home that becomes a sweet jack-o-lantern.

In Math, we have been working with 2-d and 3-d shapes. We are still building, filling, and creating shapes in as many different ways as we can (for example: using less pieces, or more pieces.)  We are also practicing addition (including double digit addition) and subtraction facts, related facts, and more.

The highlight of our week, of course, was Pumpkin Day! Big thanks to all of our amazing helpers. You helped our kiddos practice with the life cycle of a pumpkin; taste pumpkin pie; observe and analyze our own pumpkins; make glyphs; find a hidden pumpkin;  and even make our own little “rock” pumpkins! We truly could not have done it without you! :0)

Have a wonderful week–Happy Halloween!

Upcoming events: 10/31 Halloween Party in the park + Halloween Parade @ 2:45; 11/4-11/18-Canned Food Drive for St. Michael’s Pantry and Community Food Bank; Fri. 11/8-Field Day and Half Day-Noon Dismissal, (no hot lunch.) Mon. 11/11-No School, Grading Day; Wed. 11/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal (Teacher In-service); Wed-Fri. 11/27-11/29-No School-Thanksgiving Break;

What a wonderful week!

We had a wonderful week in first grade.  We got to learn about bats, bless our animals, and share a wonderful morning with our Grandparents/Grandfriends.

We kicked off the week with the book, Stellaluna. It’s about a baby bat who gets separated from her mom and tries to live as a bird.  We got to practice our “blend” skills by producing “st” words after that, and practice putting words into ABC order as well.  We also read, Nightsong.  It’s a great book about a young bat who learns to use his echolocation.  We sat outside and listened for two minutes to see how many things we could hear with our eyes closed and we really named a bunch! We also read some nonfiction books and wrote our bat facts.  Did you know that there are over 1,000 types of bats in the world?  We are so lucky to have a good population of bats here in Tucson–keep those insects in check! 🙂

In Mass last week, Mother Claire blessed our stuffed animals in celebration of St. Francis who recognized the importance of all living things as brothers and sisters under God.  Here is a picture of our celebration:

In Math, we are working with 2-D and 3-D shapes. We are naming them, noticing their attributes, counting sides and angles, filling spaces with them, and finding them in our everyday life.  It’s some new vocabulary (ie: rhombus,) and lots of learning.  We are also working on Mountain Math as we discussed at Back to School Night.  This keeps our addition/subtraction, money and time skills fresh as we conquer the text.

Finally, we had an amazing morning on Friday with all of our special guests. It was fun to “many hands” working on our little project and to play some Grandparent’s Day Bingo! Many thanks go out to all who could attend and for those who could not, you were missed.

Next week, we will be studying all things, PUMPKIN! This includes our Pumpkin Day on Thursday which features pumpkin themed centers, and pie tasting! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

Important Dates:  Fri. 10/18-Grandparents Day; Thurs. 10/24 Pumpkin Day; Thurs. 10/31 Halloween Party in the park + Halloween Parade @ 2:45; 11/4-11/18-Canned Food Drive for St. Michael’s Pantry and Community Food Bank; Mon. 11/11-No School, Grading Day; Wed. 11/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal; Wed-Fri. 11/27-11/29-No School-Thanksgiving Break


Eek! There are spiders in first grade! (but, not really!)

We had a great week in first grade just before the break.  We spent lots of time reading about, writing about, and talking about spiders!! We kicked off the week with some non-fiction reading to help us understand these 8-legged friends a little more.  We took some time to label some spiders after we read to demonstrate our learning.  We also read a fun story about someone who was afraid of spiders before learning how special and helpful they are.  This launched us into our first creative writing project (which you may have seen on our front line) about a spider who was caught by a first grader.  We are really proud of the creativity and good work that went into these. 🙂

In math, we finished up on unit of strategies for subtraction.  Next up, we’ll be  comparing and combining shapes.  We are looking forward to working with pattern blocks and creating 2-d and 3-d shapes.   You can help us by noticing shapes with your kiddos at home, and on your way to school–what are the names of the shapes? Are they 2-d or 3-d? How do you know?

Next week, we are excited to welcome our Grandparents/Special Friends.  We hope that each of our guests will enjoy spending the morning on campus and in our classrooms. We’ll be spending the week talking about those beautiful flying mammals, BATS! We can hardly wait.

Important Dates:  Fri. 10/18-Grandparents Day; Thurs. 10/24 Pumpkin Day; Thurs. 10/31 Halloween Party in the park, Mon. 11/11-No School, Grading Day.