Arctic Animals are so cool!

It was a great week in first grade as we kicked off our learning about polar animals! We kicked it off in the Arctic (we’ll be studying penguins next week!) with polar bears!  We read from some non-fiction stories and learned some really cool facts (did you know that their skin is actually black? We do!) We wrote our facts on polar bear paws and put them together with some chalk polar bears–hope you’ve had a chance to see these on the line!  We also learned about walruses–who make all sorts of sounds to communicate including whistling! We tried our hand at whistling too, and graphed the results! Lots of us are future whistlers! We also learned about the arctic fox, who has one of the coolest adaptations. Just ask us.  We made some “fluffy” foxes and added the most important fact we learned.  These are out with the polar bears!

In math, we are practicing “true/false” with equations (some of which are written in reverse, ie: 10=7+3) We are also decomposing numbers, practicing our addition and subtraction facts and working on telling time (ultimately to the 5-minute.) We keep practicing our Mountain math, too and so we are getting review on all 16 major concepts in math.

Next week we’ll be celebrating Chinese New Year on Monday by making a Chinese Zodiac and talking about the animal which represents the year we were born.  This year is the year of the rat!  We’ll also be kicking off our study of penguins, and each student will be assigned a penguin to research and prepare a report.  We’ll be doing a 100th day kickoff on Thursday afternoon with the Kindergartners, and celebrating the 100th day of school on Friday! (Phew!) It’s going to be a busy week!

**Please note that we are need in some items for our 100th day snack. If you can help us by bringing in an item, we’d appreciate it so much!

Happy last week of January! 🙂

Important Dates:

Fri., Jan. 31st-100th day of School, Fri., Feb 7th-STEM Night; Fri., Feb 14th-Valentine’s Day Card Exchange/special snack, M-F, Feb 17-21-No School-Rodeo Break., Tues., Feb 25th-Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, Wed., Feb 26th-Ash Wednesday


Happy Civil Rights Day!

Enjoy the day to celebrate the great work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We had “snow” much fun in first grade this week! 🙂

We did tons of writing and work this week with The Mitten, The Little Snowflake, and Snowmen at Night.  We started talking about all of the animals and verbs in The Mitten. Then we made our own mittens and estimated how many cubes would fit inside them as a math add-on.  We also wrote a “how to” using words like first, next, then and last to tell “how to catch a snowflake.”  We added a cute self portrait of ourselves in oil pastel to go with our writing which we hope you saw on the line.  And we finished our snow study with a creative piece, “If I were a snowman at night…”  These, along with a very cool torn paper art piece, are up on our lines outside.

On Friday, we did got a chance to read about and see a BrainPop on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We had an opportunity to re-tell three facts we learned about his life and good work, and draw a portrait that we hope you’ll take time to see up in our classrooms.

In math, we were busy working on mystery numbers (this is an exercise in learning to ask good questions which help us to get closer to the answer.) We also worked on ways to make numbers like 10 and 12 and equations that go with each combination.  We also worked on learning our coins/values.  Mountain math was our wrap up of the week with all the concepts of 1st grade math.

Next week is a 4-day week, but we will fill it up with Arctic animals! We’ll be talking about Polar Bears, walruses, arctic foxes, and snowy owls.  We are looking forward to it.

Upcoming dates:

January 24-26-school musical, Into the Woods–be sure to get your tickets this week!

Into the Woods Musical

Thur., Jan. 30th-100th day of School

Fri., Feb 7th-STEM Night

Fri., Feb 14th-Valentine’s Day Card Exchange/special snack

M-F, Feb 17-21-No School-Rodeo Break.

Welcome Back

We were eager to get back to school this week and share tales of our wonderful Christmas break with our friends.
We spent the week talking about weather. January is always a good time to introduce this science unit as the Tucson weather gives us a variety of examples to experience in real life.
We explored tornadoes, rain, clouds, sun and seasons. We made a tornado in a bottle, made artistic depictions of the water cycle, tried to see our shadows (on a very cloudy day) learned about the various cloud formations, and made a cloud in a jar (sort of- this had varying levels of success as shown in the photo above) 🙂
We continue to work with addition in our math text books. We are we are experimenting with different ways to make numbers using 10 frames. We have also been adding some money practice into the mix with both classrooms and homework.
We are looking forward to discussing your child’s progress with you next week during conference time. At this time you will receive the 2nd trimester progress reports and the results of the two Renaissance test results we has completed so far this year. If you have not signed up for a conference there are still slots available all week.

Upcoming dates:
January 15 – half day (noon dismissal)
January 20 – no school (MLK Jr. Day)
January 24-26 – school musical, Into the Woods

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  Just a quick reminder that we have conference week coming up next week.  Please take time to sign up for a conference.  We look forward to seeing you!