Happy Civil Rights Day!

Enjoy the day to celebrate the great work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We had “snow” much fun in first grade this week! 🙂

We did tons of writing and work this week with The Mitten, The Little Snowflake, and Snowmen at Night.  We started talking about all of the animals and verbs in The Mitten. Then we made our own mittens and estimated how many cubes would fit inside them as a math add-on.  We also wrote a “how to” using words like first, next, then and last to tell “how to catch a snowflake.”  We added a cute self portrait of ourselves in oil pastel to go with our writing which we hope you saw on the line.  And we finished our snow study with a creative piece, “If I were a snowman at night…”  These, along with a very cool torn paper art piece, are up on our lines outside.

On Friday, we did got a chance to read about and see a BrainPop on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We had an opportunity to re-tell three facts we learned about his life and good work, and draw a portrait that we hope you’ll take time to see up in our classrooms.

In math, we were busy working on mystery numbers (this is an exercise in learning to ask good questions which help us to get closer to the answer.) We also worked on ways to make numbers like 10 and 12 and equations that go with each combination.  We also worked on learning our coins/values.  Mountain math was our wrap up of the week with all the concepts of 1st grade math.

Next week is a 4-day week, but we will fill it up with Arctic animals! We’ll be talking about Polar Bears, walruses, arctic foxes, and snowy owls.  We are looking forward to it.

Upcoming dates:

January 24-26-school musical, Into the Woods–be sure to get your tickets this week!

Into the Woods Musical

Thur., Jan. 30th-100th day of School

Fri., Feb 7th-STEM Night

Fri., Feb 14th-Valentine’s Day Card Exchange/special snack

M-F, Feb 17-21-No School-Rodeo Break.

Welcome Back

We were eager to get back to school this week and share tales of our wonderful Christmas break with our friends.
We spent the week talking about weather. January is always a good time to introduce this science unit as the Tucson weather gives us a variety of examples to experience in real life.
We explored tornadoes, rain, clouds, sun and seasons. We made a tornado in a bottle, made artistic depictions of the water cycle, tried to see our shadows (on a very cloudy day) learned about the various cloud formations, and made a cloud in a jar (sort of- this had varying levels of success as shown in the photo above) 🙂
We continue to work with addition in our math text books. We are we are experimenting with different ways to make numbers using 10 frames. We have also been adding some money practice into the mix with both classrooms and homework.
We are looking forward to discussing your child’s progress with you next week during conference time. At this time you will receive the 2nd trimester progress reports and the results of the two Renaissance test results we has completed so far this year. If you have not signed up for a conference there are still slots available all week.

Upcoming dates:
January 15 – half day (noon dismissal)
January 20 – no school (MLK Jr. Day)
January 24-26 – school musical, Into the Woods

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!  Just a quick reminder that we have conference week coming up next week.  Please take time to sign up for a conference.  We look forward to seeing you!

Merry Christmas!

What a great week! The Nativity play, our Christmas fun centers and Las Posadas brought such fun to our final week of 2019!! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!!!

St. Nicholas Day!

We loved talking about Santa Claus, elves and St. Nicholas this week!

We started off with one of our favorite stories, Santa’s Stuck! Yes, Santa ate a few too many sweets in this story and gets stuck in the chimney, but with some creative teamwork the day is saved! You can see that all of our kiddos did their own creative writing and added it to a cute little chimney on our line out front.  We also read a story called, How to Catch an Elf.  This prompted a writing piece about what would make us good elves, along with a fun little “s-elfie” which is on the line with Santa! We even squeezed in a little time for the Grinch.  This project included writing about things that make us feel “like a grinch” and using a Dr.Seuss app for a little extra fun.  Look for these in our classrooms!

In Math, we have shifted to working on the concept of part-part-whole. This may sound easy, but we are working forward and backward in an equation (ie: 6+8=_, and _=8+6) and identifying multiple ways to make numbers (ie: a game called peas and carrots where you have 7 vegetables.  How many combination of peas and carrots can you make?) This is already so engaging.

In Social Studies, we’ve been practicing, practicing, practicing to get ready for our play.  We have been reading books about the Nativity to help us understand the story we are telling with our songs and our special costumes.  We were also assigned all of our special roles in the play.  The kids are EXCITED!

The kids in 2A came in to help us practice our songs, and we were inspired!!

We all took part in the Renaissance assessment this week, as well.  This test evaluates how your child has grown since the September test date, as well as their approximate working grade level.  As you may recall, these tests are done on the i-pads with headphones and monitored by the classroom teacher.  There is no limit to how high the kids can score, and tests are completed in about 15 minutes.

Next week, we will be studying reindeer!! We’ll be reading some fun fiction (and nonfiction) stories and doing a few little projects to go along with them.  We’ll also be working on our St. Nicholas Day performance which is this coming Friday, 12/13 at 2:00 in they gym.  We can’t wait to share it all with you.

Have a wonderful week!

Fri.12/13-St. Nicholas Program-2:00 p.m. in the gym

Wed. 12/18-1st grade Nativity Program-in the church

Thur. 12/19-Pajama Day-Wear your jammies all day, and enjoy Christmas themed centers from 1:30-3:00

Fri. 12/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal (no aftercare) Christmas break kickoff

Canned food drive ends Monday

Just a reminder that our canned food drive comes to a close this Monday.  We’d love to have participation from all of our kiddos, so please share what you can and thank you!

This week was all about turkeys.  We kicked off the week reading, A turkey for Thanksgiving, as sweet story about a turkey who is grateful to be included at the dinner and not as the dinner!  We also did a fun little word search to go with it which really helps us practice spelling and using our good “eagle eyes.”  We also read, Thanks for Thanksgiving.  This is a precious little story that lists all kinds of things the author is thankful for.  We did a writing assignment to go along with this, and you’ll see those up on the line next week.  The kids did a very nice job on this, and you’ll love reading about the things for which they are thankful!

In math, we are wrapping up our work with polygons.  We have identified, classified, sorted them into groups, and drawn them ourselves.  It’s been a very hands-on section in our book and the kids are getting some great vocabulary, as well.

Our Social Studies unit is of course all about our Wampanoag board.  It will be up next week for you to enjoy, and you will be able to see all of our great work.  We wrote about our jobs in the tribe, and drew all the little details this week (corn and pumpkins for the farmers, fish for the ocean and river, and lots of animals!) It’s been really fun to work on this as a mixed group of first graders and the kids have done a great job.

Upcoming events: 11/25-FINAL DAY for the Canned Food Drive for St. Michael’s Pantry and Community Food Bank;

Wed-Fri. 11/27-11/29-No School-Thanksgiving Break;

Friday, 12/6-Special St. Nicholas surprise!

Fri.12/13-St. Nicholas Program-2:00 p.m. in the gym

Wed. 12/18-1st grade Nativity Program-in the church

Fri. 12/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal (no aftercare) Christmas break kickoff

All about the pilgrims

This week it was all about the pilgrims (and our turkeys, too!) We kicked off the week by sharing our amazing turkeys in disguise. They are just amazing and if you haven’t had a chance, please stop in to take a peek at all of them.  They’re just so fun! Next, we read some non-fiction stories about the pilgrims, their difficult voyage, and why they chose to leave England. Then we got a chance to re-tell what we learned in our writing.  We also read a story called, Thank you, Sarah.  It’s a wonderful true story about Sarah Hale, who had a superpower–her pen.  She campaigned for Thanksgiving to become a national holiday and after more than 30 years President Abraham Lincoln said, “yes!”  We are grateful for her determination and wrote a note of thanks to tell her so.

In math, we are busy studying shapes–sorting them, noticing characteristics and putting them into groups.  We’ve also been practicing our 2-digit addition and working on place value. We are also continuing our steady work in Mountain math where we review all of the math concepts of first grade.

In Social Studies, we are busy working on our Wampanoag board.  We are collecting items that can be turned into the landscape, and we are so excited to share the final product with you during the week of Thanksgiving.

Please remember that we are still collecting canned food for the St. Michael’s pantry, and/or dollars for the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank. We would love to have each of our students participate if at all possible.  Thanks so much for your consideration.

Next week: we’ll be talking about those find feathered friends that were very nearly our national bird! We are excited to learn about and read some fun books about TURKEYS! Don’t forget that we have a half day on Wednesday for a staff in-service (there is aftercare, but don’t forget to bring lunch!) Have a wonderful week–enjoy the cool weather.

Upcoming events: 11/4-11/25-Canned Food Drive for St. Michael’s Pantry and Community Food Bank;

11/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal (Teacher In-service);

Wed-Fri. 11/27-11/29-No School-Thanksgiving Break;

Fri.12/13-St. Nicholas Program-2:00 p.m. in the gym

Wed. 12/18-1st grade Nativity Program-in the church

Fri. 12/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal (no aftercare) Christmas break kickoff


Happy Veteran’s Day!

It was another great day in first grade as we started studying the Wampanoag Native Americans and enjoyed Field Day!

We kicked off the week by reading a story about Squanto, an important Native American who helped the Pilgrims the first year they arrived.  We did a short writing piece to followup and these are hanging in our classroom. 🙂 Next we read a non-fiction story about the first meetings of the Pilgrims and Native American’s told from two young boys’ perspective.  This helped us get ready for our work on our own members of our Wampanoag tribe.  We read about the animals and landscape in Massachusetts all those years ago, and even about the different summer and winter homes.  This led to us making our canoes, our Wetu’s and our Native American paper people which will all be part of our BIG project set out in time for Thanksgiving.

In math, we are finishing up the chapter on composing 2-d and 3-d shapes and will be heading on to describing and sorting different shapes.  We can hardly wait–it’s been tons of fun working with the pattern blocks to reinforce more/fewer and see how many “right” answers we can find.

Of course, the big highlight was Field Day!  A HUGE shoutout and thank you to Coach Greene for organizing such a fun event.  We loved every minute of the cool weather and the great sportsmanship!

Getting ready for the water balloon toss! 🙂

We hope you are all busy putting the finishing touches on your Turkey in Disguise as those are due tomorrow! We love to see the transformations and hope you had as much fun making them as we will seeing and hearing about them.

Please don’t forget about the food drive–we are hoping to really support both the STM Pantry and the Food Bank! Have a wonderful (short!) week.

Upcoming events: 11/4-11/25-Canned Food Drive for St. Michael’s Pantry and Community Food Bank;

Tues. 11/12-Turkeys are due!

11/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal (Teacher In-service);

Wed-Fri. 11/27-11/29-No School-Thanksgiving Break;

Happy Halloween!

What a week in first grade! It was all treats, and no tricks for us with the highlight of an awesome Halloween party in the park, followed by our parade!

We kicked off our week by reading, Crankenstein, a cute story about things that can make regular kids cranky!!  Then we did a beginning/middle/end piece along with some cute art and these are on display up in our rooms.  Next we read, Room on the Broom. We hope you got to see our darling witches on the watercolor backgrounds up on the line earlier in the week.   We also took some time to talk about writing descriptive clues–this time about ourselves–and added those to a “Trick or Treat” project with a picture of each kiddo covered by a “ghost.”  The kids did a great job and even got to hear the clues and guess who it was describing in our classes. 🙂

In Math, we are working on filling shapes with “more” and “fewer.”  We are also recognizing names of 2-D and 3-D shapes, and even making observations about pictures of shapes that look like they have only a few triangles or squares, but actually have many “hidden” in the picture.  This is helping us open our way of thinking and look more critically.  As you saw, we continue to practice our addition and subtraction facts, and additional concepts like fact families, and greater than/less than.

We finished the week by making some beautiful paper skulls and reading stories about skeletons and Dia de los Muertos.  We got a chance to peek in at the alter in the chapel, and our 8th grade buddies came by to show us their face paint and let us see what we get to look forward to in 8th grade.

Our highlight, of course, was the party and parade. Here are just a few pictures to show you all the games/fun we had, and to send out a HUGE thank you to Virginia (Maria’s mom) and her giant crew of helpers that made our day so WONDERFUL!  Thank you everyone–we thought this Halloween was just perfect! 🙂

Next week, we’ll start learning about the Wampanoag’s–the Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims and joined them for the first Thanksgiving.  Stay tuned for a BIG project in class, and a FUN project to work on at home!  We can hardly wait…

Upcoming events: 11/4-11/25-Canned Food Drive for St. Michael’s Pantry and Community Food Bank;

Fri. 11/8-Field Day and Half Day-Noon Dismissal, (no hot lunch)

Mon. 11/11-No School, Grading Day; Wed.

11/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal (Teacher In-service);

Wed-Fri. 11/27-11/29-No School-Thanksgiving Break;


Hurray for Pumpkin Day!

We had a really great week in first grade with lots of pumpkin activities and books and fun!

We kicked off the week by reading, Spookley, about a little pumpkin who was “different” but found out that he was special, too. We also did a little work with story elements.  We also read, The Runaway Pumpkin, and did some fun word work with blends, and ABC order. We also loved hearing one of Mrs. Moseley’s favorites, a timeless story about a tiny little witch who makes a special home that becomes a sweet jack-o-lantern.

In Math, we have been working with 2-d and 3-d shapes. We are still building, filling, and creating shapes in as many different ways as we can (for example: using less pieces, or more pieces.)  We are also practicing addition (including double digit addition) and subtraction facts, related facts, and more.

The highlight of our week, of course, was Pumpkin Day! Big thanks to all of our amazing helpers. You helped our kiddos practice with the life cycle of a pumpkin; taste pumpkin pie; observe and analyze our own pumpkins; make glyphs; find a hidden pumpkin;  and even make our own little “rock” pumpkins! We truly could not have done it without you! :0)

Have a wonderful week–Happy Halloween!

Upcoming events: 10/31 Halloween Party in the park + Halloween Parade @ 2:45; 11/4-11/18-Canned Food Drive for St. Michael’s Pantry and Community Food Bank; Fri. 11/8-Field Day and Half Day-Noon Dismissal, (no hot lunch.) Mon. 11/11-No School, Grading Day; Wed. 11/20-1/2 day-noon dismissal (Teacher In-service); Wed-Fri. 11/27-11/29-No School-Thanksgiving Break;